Jon Hamm Attempts To Start New Trend… With White Powder On His Face? [PHOTOS]

Jon Hamm's Many Looks
We take time to appreciate Jon Hamm's handsome face.
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All the glitz and glamour of Hollywood can’t always cover up the fashion mishaps. Apparently that was the case for Mad Men actor Jon Hamm.

According to the Huff Post, he was caught sporting white powder on his face while walking down the red carpet at the Paley Center on Monday. What exactly was it? I don’t exactly know. My guess is that he indulged in a white powdered donut right before the red carpet to carry him through the night and missed his mouth a bit.

Poor guy.

If I was there, I sure would have told him that he had a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ on his nose. Honestly, though, at least he was still looking good.

Thankfully he didn’t make the same mistake at the second annual Reel Stories, Real Lives fundraiser held at the Milk Studios that he attended recently. Check out the gallery to see just what I mean about Hamm the man!

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