Jon Hamm, Armie Hammer, Russell Brand & More Celebrate ‘Reel Stories Real Lives’ [PHOTOS]

Jon Hamm's Many Looks
We take time to appreciate Jon Hamm's handsome face.
Judging by the stars above, what kind of event do you think this was?

Some sort of gala event? Maybe a big ass party with booze and food? Or maybe a movie screen? Well kind of all of those things, except way more awesome. Jon Hamm, Armie Hammer, Russell Brand and more stars were on hand to celebrate the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s “Reel Stories Real Lives.”

The event helps raise money and awareness for actors and actresses who are in need or have become too old to properly care for themselves. I know, a bunch of hot young actors celebrating the previous generation. It’s really beautiful. So what was everyone’s role at the shindig?

Well Jon’s role was to look sexy, but then that’s always his role. Armie looked hot as well, although I’m a little sad he didn’t show up in his Lone Ranger attire. Russell had an actual job. The British funny man was the host of the event and while he did make everyone laugh, he had very serious and good things to say about the MPTF and the work they do.

It’s always fascinating when Russell gets serious. It’s like, “Wait a minute, weren’t you just making heroin jokes?” All in all, it sounds like it was a smashing event. Launch the gallery to check out all the pictures and to see more stars like Chris Pratt and wife Anna Faris. I’m picking Jon Hamm as best dressed of the night. What do you guys think?