Jon Hamm And Stephen Amell Bring The Sexy To The Los Angeles Kings’ Game

Jon Hamm's Junk
Hamm's Controversial Manhood Plays Hide & Seek
Well now this is a supremely attractive duo. Here’s Jon Hamm and Stephen Amell enjoying some hockey…while we enjoy them.

Sadly, Jon and Stephen didn’t watch the game together as that might have been too much hotness at one time for our brains to handle. But if they had, they could have talked acting on TV, having iconic roles, being attractive–all that good stuff.

Also, I’m gonna say it, there was severe lack of bulge last night. 

I know, I know that Jon Hamm hates it when we bring up his man parts, but I mean, Jon, sweetie, can you blame us? We didn’t get a good view of Stephen’s either. He was trying to walk away too quickly. But we did get a taste of his excitment on Twitter.

Hopefully his love of the Kings means that we’ll get a few more Stephen sightings over the course of the games. And maybe even Jon Hamm, too. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the sexy duo from last night. Who’d you rather: Jon or Stephen? Let us know in the comments below!