Jon Hamm Accepts An Award At CinemaCon, No Sign Of His Bulge

No, that isn’t his bulge you’re seeing in these pictures! I checked, and it’s some sort of USB or something.

Jon Hamm did however look absolutely spiffy in his grey suit. The 43-year-old was presented the Excellence in Acting Award for his career of diverse work in films. He was honoured for roles such as The Town, Bridesmaids, and his hit series, Mad Men.

CinemaCon’s Managing Director, Mitch Neuhauser, had nothing but great things to say about the actor.

He said:

Jon Hamm has become one of our most versatile actors today.

I agree! He’s great. Jon also stars in the upcoming film, Million Dollar Arm, which like Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, will premiere at CinemaCon before its release on May 16.

Besides that, this is the actor’s final season of Mad Men since the show is coming to an end! The season premiere is next month.

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