The Jolie-Pitts Get the Thumbs-Down from Barack

Dang, Angelina is looking mighty veiny these days! Her arm looks like it’s made out of marble. I know girlfriend is still suffering from the loss of her mother and the stress of being a high-profile star, but she needs to try and force herself to hit the craft services table now and again. But let’s talk about the other half of Brangelina for a moment. It appears that Brad Pitt attempted to lend his celebrity endorsement to presidential hopeful, Barack Obama. However, Barack is concerned that with the current support he’s receiving from such members of the Hollywood elite as Matt Damon and George Clooney, adding Brad to that list might make Obama seem to be “too Hollywood.” This is coming, according to an inside source of Barack’s, via the New York Daily News. However, the official word from Barack’s deputy press secretary, Jen Psaki, is:

“If Brad Pitt wants to campaign for Obama, the only challenge will be deciding who staffs him.”

And this change of heart might have something to do with Barack’s lagging position in the polls behind Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Honestly, I just want to see Bill playing the saxophone again.

Photos: Flynet Online

See more photos of Angelina (and her veiny arm) on the set of “The Changeling” after the jump.