Jolie-Pitt Kids Get A Lot Of Hot Swag

June 28th, 2007 // 21 Comments


How do I masquerade as an impoverished toddler from the Third World? Someone CGI my ass up! The Most Beautiful Woman In The World and her consort’s children live in the lap of luxury. Well, at least it’s good to know that there’s no Christina Crawford bullshit going on. No one’s gonna be yelling “Scrub, Zahara, scrub!”

For example, do you think 13-month-old Shiloh sucks on any old Gerber pacifier? Nope. She got a $17,000, diamond-encrusted pacifier to help her when she gets crabby! And Shiloh isn’t the only Jolie-Pitt getting star treatment. Angelina recently splurged on three pairs of J Brand jeans for 2-year-old Zahara — at $120 each!

I didn’t see Angie as the diamond-encrusted pacifier-type Mom, but hey, whatever works. Congrats to the person who somehow got people to pay $120 for toddler jeans. That’s quite a grift.

By J. Harvey

  1. jen

    The pacifier was a gift…and a gawd awful one at that.

  2. green cardigan

    A diamond-encrusted pacifier sounds kind of dangerous to me. What if one of those rocks popped out and the baby swallowed it ?

    Not sure if I believe this one. Brang don’t strike me as Bling Bling. They seem more understated. You know, you think the kids are dressed in hand-me-down clothes and in fact each outfit is worth about a grand.

  3. nancypants

    I can believe they received some trashtastic gift like that but I don’t believe they spend a lot on the kids. Brad says the woman feels guilty about EATING after seeing how poor the rest of the world is.

  4. Angietothemax

    Yeah I remember seeing that on tv about the pacifier. That was crazy. Shi can wear it around her neck when she’s a teen. $120 for jeans? That’s a bargain.

  5. jen

    For the kinds of stores Angie prolly shops at, $120 for kids’ jeans isn’t really that high. It’s not like she’s going to hop to the mall and hit the Gap for $40 jeans.

    Angie herself wears shoes that cost upwards of a grand – I don’t think the starving orphans were on her mind when she slipped into those for daycare drop off time. I can’t remember, but didn’t the shoes she wore with the $26 dress have some bling?

  6. Angietothemax

    Oh yeah those were Christian Loboutin peep toe heels with crystal heels, cost a little over $900. Though I’m tired of the peep toes she wore those the whole time she was in Cannes, then a different pair of peep toes for the Ocean’s 13 premiere, and the one’s for the Mighty Heart premiere. She’s one of those people that gets the same kind of clothes but in different variations.

  7. green cardigan

    And it looks like Brad has a whole wardrobe full of those frigging fedoras. I wonder how much each of those cost?

  8. Holy Crap Green! I didn’t even notice this one was a different color! Demmit the Fedoras are multiplying!!!

    I’m not buying Brangelina picking up diamond-encrusted pacifier. Off the red-carpet, they go out of their way to make sure the entire family dress like they are homeless.

  9. Angietothemax

    As you can see Brad has that shirt set in every color as well. But I guess there is no reason to get dressed up it’s not like he goes anywhere. Home and Angie’s set. Does anyone else find it weird that there have been no pictures of Angie on set? Usually there are. No pictures of Morgan Freeman either.

  10. jen

    You know – that is a little weird there’s no pictures – there was for AMH, wasn’t there? As well as shots of them out and about places other then daycare/school.

    Kind of off topic – has anyone else heard of Angie signing to do another movie right after this one with Pierce Brosnan?

  11. Angietothemax

    Yeah it’s called the Topkapi (?) Affair. It supposed to be a continuance of the Thomas Crown Affair. But it’s not supposed to be until 2009.

  12. green cardigan

    Whatever about Angie being reasonable with how much she spends, I’m not buying for one second that Brad doesn’t like to splash out and live the high life;
    He lived the Hollywood life with zest up until 2 years ago, when he discovered the Third World. He’s adopted the ‘I live under a bridge’ look because it’s more in keeping with the socially aware life he leads now, but I’d put money down he has those hats and teeshirts in every variation of grey and brown under the sun

  13. jen

    Thanks Angietothemax!

    I wonder if Brad lets his women choose his clothes for him – which is why he ends up looking like them. Wouldn’t surprise me – I think he’s very manipulative.

  14. Angietothemax

    The thing about celebrity is that you don’t have to buy your clothes anymore. Designers just give you things. Oprah doesn’t even buy her clothes they’re given to her. It’s crazy.

  15. Zekers

    Yeah, Angietothe…it’s not like they can’t afford to buy their own stuff! The richer you are, the richer you get because you don’t have to pay for anything*insert green-eyed monster here*. But, I guess they are kind of walking advertisements for whoever they wear. Wonder who makes the “multiplying” fedoras?
    Clarisse, all I could think of when you said they were multiplying was that movie “Gremlins!”

  16. green cardigan

    hee hee that’s funny, the fedoras are cloning themselves inside in the wardrobe….

  17. uklady

    Think I might hurl looking at her arm bone. She’s reached the point where you don’t see the person’s characteristics anymore. Rather you see a skeleton (like in high school biology rooms) but it’s clothed.

  18. Green Cardigan,

    Right! Lucy’s wardrobe led to Narnia, Brad’s leads to the Fedora Factory!!

  19. Ugh

    Holie’s feet look huge so maybe she has to spend more because of that. lol. They both look horrible and it appears Brad needs someone dressing him badly, because he has lost all sense of style since hanging out with bottom of the barrel.

  20. JaneSays

    Here’s hoping Angie gets bored and opens an Ebay store when the kids outgrow their designer duds! My son is a year younger than Maddox and would look hot to death in a hand-me-down pair of his Armani jeans for kids.

  21. jen

    I effen convinced angie reads this site – angietothemax, there’s now a picture of her onset on People. LOL

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