Jolie-Pitt Kids Get A Lot Of Hot Swag


How do I masquerade as an impoverished toddler from the Third World? Someone CGI my ass up! The Most Beautiful Woman In The World and her consort’s children live in the lap of luxury. Well, at least it’s good to know that there’s no Christina Crawford bullshit going on. No one’s gonna be yelling “Scrub, Zahara, scrub!”

For example, do you think 13-month-old Shiloh sucks on any old Gerber pacifier? Nope. She got a $17,000, diamond-encrusted pacifier to help her when she gets crabby! And Shiloh isn’t the only Jolie-Pitt getting star treatment. Angelina recently splurged on three pairs of J Brand jeans for 2-year-old Zahara — at $120 each!

I didn’t see Angie as the diamond-encrusted pacifier-type Mom, but hey, whatever works. Congrats to the person who somehow got people to pay $120 for toddler jeans. That’s quite a grift.

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