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Here’s The Most Beautiful Woman In The World (Angelina Jolie) and Meg Ryan presenting at the International Women’s Media Foundation awards. The awards honor female journalists who have shown courage while reporting under duress, such as during war coverage, etc. So of course, everyone wore black to show how grave the situation is. I bet no one even drank at the afterparty. Damn, it’s so solemn. Please tell me there were at least some catty comments made about how Meg’s face is frozen like the Arctic.

The duo, both elegant in top to toe black for the Beverly Hills event, have not only their stellar careers and philanthropic works in common. Each has also adopted from abroad. Meg, who has a 15-year-old son Jack with former husband Dennis Quaid, adopted daughter Daisy from China last year.

I wonder if they even spoke. Meg was the center of the universe for quite some time and could do no wrong then she got the paranoia about getting old and started hacking up her visage. Now she’s lucky if she can get a guest shot on “Crossing Jordan”. Angie better recognize.

Photos: Getty Images

More photos of the celebrities (Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan, Christine Amanpour, Maria Shriver) along with journalists at the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Courage Awards after the jump.

Photos: Getty Images

By J. Harvey

  1. someone

    I don’t happen to think shes even close to being the most beautiful woman in the world…

  2. someone

    I don’t happen to think shes even close to being the most beautiful woman in the world…

  3. Zekers

    Meg doesn’t look that bad, at least she’s still recognizable; but, that hair is totally over-powering her!

  4. rootabega

    hahahahah “hacking up her visage”. i think she looks awful.. not awful, but compared to how cute she used to be this is a shame. also, where’s the powder puff man when you need him?

  5. green cardigan

    ANY post with a mention of Brang makes my eyes glaze over when I read it these days. By the time i get to the second paragraph I usually have a faint but very definite line of drool coming out of the corner of my mouth. It’s actually hazardous to my health to finish reading a blog about them now. I have to be very careful. There is a danger I could go into a boredom induced coma.

  6. Zekers

    Yeah, she’s pretty shiny…I always thought she was cute as a button too. Maybe part of it is that she’s just getting older…and those big paralyzed lips.

  7. meme

    Can someone please tell me anything Angelina ever said that was of any importance to anyone except herself?

  8. jbonz

    Ummm (-yawn-) wha? Angelica who? Oh, yeah, the Media in Women National something or…(-yawn-)good cause, helps black orphans or global crisis cooling or… yeah.

  9. T-Bone

    Meg – you already have enough make up on, so why not add a little powder to the mix, ha?

  10. blady02

    Me Me you are an intelligent woman! I highly second your comment!

  11. Ugh

    Why is she being called the most beautiful woman in the world? Are the people saying that on crack? There’s nothing pretty about her at all with that extremely long head and all her fakness. Now if she were labeled the nastiest skank walking around trying to be a person with a black soul, no morals and completely fake, I’d buy that title.

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