Johnny Weir – The Ice Princess

February 16th, 2006 // 28 Comments

Ice Princess, Johnny Weir, tried to channel Kate Moss (the odd vodka and coke snorting reference) in his NBC profile. Sweetie, you’ll need more than one coke reference to do that. But he gets an A for effort. If you missed profile or performance in the men’s short skate, The Malcontent has the video. In the meantime, if you’re hungry for some chicken, here ya go.

Pop-Up Torino, AKA “Johnny Weird” Takes the Ice [The Malcontent]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Todd

    You crack me up. That chicken comment is classic.

  2. discoqwene

    Ewwww! He has a Playboy Bunny “tan” tatoo. I just threw up in my mouth.

  3. Annie

    Yuck. What A Tool. Perhaps if he were to tone down the ‘Screaming’ fricken homo ‘pre-madonna’ tude a wee bit he may be a tad more enjoyable to watch. Hmmmmm, I’ll bet he starts off every sentance with…”BITCH PLEASE” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brian

    Wait….he’s an ice skater AND he’s gay?
    I’m SHOCKED ! I tell ya…..SHOCKED !…..
    First the hints that Tom Cruise is gay now this…it’s just too much for me to take…..someone get me my ridalin….

  5. I have this feeling that gay men – even outrageously gay men – go “eeeewww” when they see those photos. I’ll bet they would rather ride down Brokeback Mountain with Bode (if they could).

  6. wayne

    actually, speaking as a gay man myself, I think he’s pretty hot

  7. krista

    um, it’s not a playboy bunny tattoo, it’s a sticker that you put on your body and then tan. i don’t know which is worse…

  8. jack

    In an era where democrats are distancing themselves from gay rights, christians and muslims are redefining fag-bashing as the cultural aesthetic, and the alleged gay community sits on their collective pacifistic ass while they diligently read porn blogs in their cubicles until the clubs open again at 7, Weir comes along like a flaming bat out of hell, tells everyone who objects to eff off, and is one of the best athletes in the world. So he makes some fashion statements that don’t need puncuation, have any of you been to a gay bar lately? Oh wait, everyone stopped dressing badly because they all ran out and bought corduroy jackets with a faux sheep collar and flannels because of Brokeback Mountain. Too bad their highlights won’t grow out fast enough to finish their authenticity.

  9. Just my half-cents’ worth on Johnny: it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round, and while he may be a screaming queen to some, I think he’s a breath of fresh air for his brashness, openness and, yes, bitchiness and in-your-face attitude. And, hell yeah, he’s hilarious to boot! Bravo!

  10. Meesh

    Jack, I wholeheartedly second your comments. And, I’ll add that Johhny is hotter than hell and a fabulous skater. I am all for anyone who contributes to leading us out of this beige, boring,conservative world that’s been sucking the life out of life. Kudos to the boy!

  11. Rick

    He’s beautiful in the nude, or nearly so. Love ‘em lean, lanky and hot. Can’t wait to see him skate tonight. I’d love to award him, in my fashion. Go Johnny, Go!

  12. Brian

    I always root for the sissy.

    Go for it Johnny. I still adore you. See you in Vancouver…

  13. Emily

    I saw the results online, cause it arleady happend cause of the time difference and Johnny fell and is in 5th place. No medal at all, to bad.

  14. Morris

    Who cares if our boy is a fag. He’s got twice too much ‘tude. I predict it will one day knock him flat on his scrawny, brown, toned lil’ (smart)ass. That’ll be worth 90 points!

  15. Dick Cheney's Rifle

    Iceback Mountain without fashion sense. Hee haw cowboy! Wanna touch Daddy’s rifle? I won’t hurt you, I promise….

  16. Spaz Cadet

    He looks like Brokeback Mountain on acid.

    And I would totally be his fruit fly.

  17. duh


  18. Tim

    You know, I find it really disappointing when I hear gay men (or anyone else for that matter) insult other men for being too effeminate or prissy. This implies that the only “good” or “correct” presentation for a male is one that is masculine or “straight acting.” Why should we succumb to heterocentrist standards? Have they ever really served us well, anyway? Furthermore, we gay people should be even more aware of the effects of marginalization, considering that most’ve us have experienced it at some point in our lives. How all the more sad then that some of the very people who have felt the hurtfulness of exclusion see fit to marginalize others…those with whom they should be standing in solidarity. C’mon folks, aren’t there bigger and more worthwhile battles to fight, TOGETHER?

  19. jeketta_love_johnny

    hei johnny weir is the best!!!!isn’t gay!!!

  20. gaygaygay

    If there is any doubt to his gayness, one need only read his official website profile favorites. Christina Aguilera, Madonna. Velvet Goldmine. Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Very very gay. And looking at his pictures (drool drool) his face also has the same features as my own boyfriend who is just as androgenous and gay! Though my boyfriend would probably just look at Johnny’s pictures and yell at him for having those muscles.

  21. Ann

    I think Johnny Weir is a great skater and has worked very hard to get where he is. Does it really matter on his sexual orientation? He’s gay, he’s not.. The boy can skate.

  22. Craig

    Johnny Weir is a wonderful skater. He is attractive and his sexuality is probably the reason for his genius. Gay men are often the best at what they do. Freddie Mercury was the best rock star and gay. We are here to stay and talent is only part of who we are.

  23. Richard in DC

    If he’s straight he is what is now called a metrosexual.
    If he’s gay, then he’s of the fruity variety.
    It all amounts to the same thing, except for who or what he sleeps with, if anyone/anything at all.
    Cf. the Washington Post today, Style section.
    Feb. 22, 2006

    Some people don’t care one way or the other.

  24. Joe Shmoe

    He’s way too fucking in love with himself (herself?) to be gay – or straight. Monosexual?

  25. Johnny's Girl

    hey!!! Johnny u are so hot!! I wish you weren’t GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but u are still hot!! bay call me!! ur #1 fan ! barbara

  26. Melissa

    I cant beleive you how petty people are….hes hot as! as if he is gay just because of the things he likes and his style, my brother like the same kind of music as Johnny and is also into fashion, hes married and he is one of the most straight men around, why do people judge people like this? the world needs more men like johnny, men who like nice things, nothing worse than a boyfriend that doesnt share the same interests as you. Gay or not hes a bloody star, better than any of you lame people will ever be…so please, for everyones sake, get over yourselves! GO JOHNNY!:D

    also, lots of men who are like him are not gay and lotes of guys who are straight are gay…looks can be deceiving!

  27. gayluvur#1

    I for one think that gay guys are hot… and I AM a girl!!!!!! Besides… what he does in the bed has nothing to do with what he does on the ice!!! Johnny Weir you are sooooooooo sexy! I love you!!!! :) and you really should mind your sex life not his so back off you ass holes!

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