Johnny Weir Misses The Bus

Our poor little Ice Princess. His long program was really hard to watch. You had to feel sorry for the guy. Next time, he may want to pay a little more attention to the bus schedule.

U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir, who crashed out of the medals in the men’s competition at the Olympics on Thursday, said he was late getting to the rink because bus schedules had been changed, leaving him no time to squeeze into his “sausage suit”.

“I missed the bus because they changed the schedule and I was late getting here,” the angry and frustrated skater told reporters. “I never felt comfortable … I wasn’t feeling 100 percent ready.”

Weir, who was placed second going into the free skating programme but missed many of his jumps and ended up fifth, said he would blame the mix-up on someone else but maybe he should have checked the bus times.

He raced to the rink in a car, a little bit flustered, taking to the ice around 10 p.m. for the medal contenders’ final warm-up.

“I got here at around 20 (minutes) after nine and that didn’t leave me much time. I mean I have to squeeze myself into a sausage (suit),” he said. “I didn’t feel my inner peace.”

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(Image via Dlisted)