Johnny Weir Misses The Bus

February 17th, 2006 // 11 Comments

Our poor little Ice Princess. His long program was really hard to watch. You had to feel sorry for the guy. Next time, he may want to pay a little more attention to the bus schedule.

U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir, who crashed out of the medals in the men’s competition at the Olympics on Thursday, said he was late getting to the rink because bus schedules had been changed, leaving him no time to squeeze into his “sausage suit”.

“I missed the bus because they changed the schedule and I was late getting here,” the angry and frustrated skater told reporters. “I never felt comfortable … I wasn’t feeling 100 percent ready.”

Weir, who was placed second going into the free skating programme but missed many of his jumps and ended up fifth, said he would blame the mix-up on someone else but maybe he should have checked the bus times.

He raced to the rink in a car, a little bit flustered, taking to the ice around 10 p.m. for the medal contenders’ final warm-up.

“I got here at around 20 (minutes) after nine and that didn’t leave me much time. I mean I have to squeeze myself into a sausage (suit),” he said. “I didn’t feel my inner peace.”

Weir misses the bus and the medals [Reuters]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I so relate. The inner peace/spandex and sequins Zen can be a synergistic bitch.

  2. Dr. tia

    Thats a guy ??!! wow

  3. Brian

    Maybe if he’d spent a little less time doing his hair and makep,he would have been on time.

  4. King Smart Ian

    I believe he meant to say “I didn’t have time to squeeze a sausage into me”

  5. ortem

    play nice folks… show some love for Tinkerbelle though he has a bit to mature and be able to admit that he simply fucked up

  6. lisa

    Amazing. You spend years preparing for something like the Olympics (and all the endorsements) and something like missing the bus sets you back…damn

  7. timmons622

    I hate this kid.

  8. For all the crap the kid gets, he actually did a decent short program. He had a solid shot at the podium and just blew it. Had he won anything, the talk might not have slowed down, but respect for his skills would have been mixed in.

  9. Mariana

    I want him to be my Main Gay. I just love that little twink!

  10. d.c.

    MSNBC says he won the O Wow award.. hahaa

  11. Johnny Weird (aka Liberace on Ice), missed the bus in oh so many ways.

    I really don’t mind that he’s a vapid little princess, or that he couldn’t do a quad if you spotted him two spins. I think he’s just exactly what the USOC deserves. Ever since they denied the use of their precious Olympic Symbols to the Gay Games, I have waited for them to get their comeuppance.

    When the Gay Games began in 1982 the USOC asked the organizers to refrain from using the word “Olympic”, or any official Olympic emblem in connection with the events.

    The case involving the Gay Games (International Olympic Committee vs. San Francisco Arts and Athletics, 781 F. 2d 733), was decided in January of 1986, with the courts deciding that there would be confusion and the “Gay Olympics” would have to use another name.

    Well fine! We have the Gay Games, and the USOC has Johnny Weird. It’s a fair trade if you ask me.

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