Johnny Knoxville’s Latest Stunt: Leaving His Wife

February 2nd, 2007 // 6 Comments

Johnny Knoxville’s marriage is over and out . His wife probably smelled the stink of Jessica Simpson all over him.

Knoxville, 35, and his wife Melanie have been married since 1995, but rumors of infidelity reportedly have hurt the relationship. While filming The Dukes of Hazzard, there were wide-spread rumors that he was having an affair with co-star Jessica Simpson, although both parties have denied it.

According to one source, the blame should be put all on Knoxville. “How do you live knowing that your husband leads a separate life… and is sleeping with other women all the time? She deserves every penny if she is going to divorce him,”

They have one daughter, Madison, who’s 10.

Seriously, I’m sure his wife is a fairly intelligent, hip woman who was married to a sorta-skate punk who hit it big injuring himself in stupid ways. But still, Jackass had a certain cache until little kids started setting themselves on fire emulating it. So, for her husband to get together with that dumbass bitch on the set of the Dukes of Hazzard movie, no less, that had to have been a blow to the very core of her being. I hear Steve-O is single. If you can get past the stapling of the nuts to his inner thigh and the drug abuse, I hear he’s a nice guy.

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By J. Harvey

  1. jannine kelly

    Don’t aw the big Johnny Knoxville fans oot there should be on his side n should believe tht he never had an affair wae tht Blonde Bimbo because he loved his wife

    n if nun a us believe him then thtz ur problem coz a dae!!!!!!!!!

    Johnny Knoxville is the best xxxxxxxxx

  2. morgan

    Johnny Knoxvill is the funniest guy in the whole wide world. I am such a big fan, and I have seen Jackass one and two plus the tv series of them two, and one of my favorite parts of the series was the veryfirst one when you went to yoga with gas!! I was crying from laughing so hard, hilarious dude!! I totally am on your side too with the whole jessia situation because I dont belive that would ever do that and if people think you did that then they’re wrong because your a great funny guy and your movies are funny as hell!! I hope you guys totally make a Jackass number three because I love them really they’re great!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Jennifer Sandoval

    Johnny Knoxville is the most funniest in the world. He is not having affair with jessica simpson. They just did a funny movie together.
    And i love him he is a handsome guy.

  4. chica diva

    Johnny you are so cute and don’t worry women can be total bitches i know… i am one. The only thing youy need to worry about is your daughter!

  5. Adrianna

    Whtever i love him he is so hot i dont care if he is 35 i still love him xoxoxxo!!

  6. siobhan

    Hey Johnny knoxville wouldn’t cheat on his wife

    and why would he
    he has a daughter and someone who loves him

    just because he’s a hot celeb dosen’t mean he has to have an affair

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