Johnny Depp & Tim Burton Promote ‘Alice In Wonderland’ At Comic Con

It was a surprise to fans at Comic Con when Johnny Depp showed up to Tim Burton’s presentation of clips from his film Alice in Wonderland during the Disney 3-D panel.

Playing the Mad Hatter in the film, Johnny recently wrapped up his duties promoting his summer action movie, Public Enemies. Burton first showed some footage from the film, including a trailer for the animated flick. To this, the director told the crowd, “Looks like a freak show, doesn’t it?”

Before Johnny showed up, Tim talked up the actor with whom he’s enjoyed a long career of working together. “He’s the type of actor that a lot of the character comes from the look of the outfit. It helps him really create and get into who the character is,” Burton told the crowd, confirming that Johnny “had a hand” in creating the aesthetic of the Mad Hatter.

At least it’s easy to forget how creepy that curly red hair is when you see Johnny here in person.

Gallery Info: Johnny Depp and Tim Burton at Comic Con 2009 to promote Alice in Wonderland.