Johnny Depp Is A Wanted Man In ‘Public Enemies’

Master of disguise, Johnny Depp is famous for his ability to completely transform himself into whatever character he’s playing and he brings that level of commitment to his role of John Dillinger in Public Enemies.

On the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of the film, Johnny provided some insight into why he believes gangsters have held such a fascination on American audiences. Depp told MTV News, “Dillinger, you see, he was a bit more of an outlaw. The best thing about being an outlaw was the machine gun–and unlimited ammunition.”

And Depp had no problem getting along with co-star Christian Bale. Of the Terminator: Salvation star, Depp said, “We are both fellas, and both dads, and both in the same profession. He’s very good, and tremendously talented.”

Sounds like Christian was on his best behavior on that set.

Gallery Info: Johnny Depp at the Public Enemies Los Angeles premiere.