Johnny Depp Brings ‘Alice In Wonderland’ To Japan

Actor Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton travelled to Japan for the press conference and premiere of Alice In Wonderland today.

Depp, sporting his unique fashion style, told reporters at the press conference for the film that “For me to play the Hatter wasn’t a great stretch by any means.”

“In a sense I think the character was kind of already blooming inside, ready to show its face,” he added, laughing.

“I do like hats,” Depp, 46, added, telling the joint press conference with director Tim Burton ahead of the US film’s premiere in Japan that he owned five or six hats of his own. “There was a certain elegance to the past times that I have appreciation for,” Depp added of his hat collection.

I guess Depp has something to talk about with his Tourist co-star’s husband Brad Pitt.