Johnny Depp Keeps Cementing His Reputation As A Good Guy

April 8th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Johnny Depp recently saved some extras from being hit by a runaway stunt car on the set of his latest flick, Public Enemies. Of course he did. He’s just a good guy. He also talks to coma victims!

A stuntman driving a 1933 Ford skidded on some ice and was about to plow into six extras standing to the side when Depp made like the Flash and intervened. The extras had their back to the car and were unaware of the impending doom. Depp quickly rolled up and herded everyone to safety. He also probably then cured them of their arthritis and painlessly spayed their pets for them. He’s everything to everyone!


By J. Harvey

  1. He’s like the good and sane Tom Cruise. Or is Tom Cruise the evil and insane Johnny Depp?

  2. Teri

    Are those hairplugs along his hairline in that first picture?!

  3. Tara

    I luv him soo much!!
    It was soo good to see him in my hometwon!
    He is a really down to earth guy
    And he is soo caring!
    His family is lucky to have him

  4. Ceciliadepp

    Hello, he is super beautiful, I love it from Chile. Regards to all

  5. steph

    i saw him in columbus and he was super hott…….he grabbed my hand and asked me if i was ok…so fine and he gave my sister a hug…:)

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