Johnny Depp Waxes Nostalgic with Rolling Stone

Do Johnny Depp and Anthony Kiedis have the same haircut? Maybe that would explain why I like them both. Johnny always looks so serene. How does he do it? He must show up to premieres heavily sedated with lots of red wine. The “Sweeney Todd” sat down with Rolling Stone (of which he graces the cover of the most recent issue) to talk about his musical past. When playing the role of the Fleet Street barber, Depp broke new ground in his acting career by singing for the first time in a film. Granted, he starred in the John Waters film, “Cry-baby,” but his voice was dubbed. But Johnny hints at a music childhood that kind of makes me wonder why he hasn’t done this before. “You’re thirteen years old and you’re playing rock & roll. Loud. Poorly. But somebody’s letting you do it in their back yard. And it was absolute perfection.” Kind of like your cheek bones, Johnny. Le sigh.

Photos: WENN

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