Johnny Depp Probably Doesn’t Think This Post Is About Him

November 20th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have a professional relationship that spans several years, having had collaborated on such films as “Edward Scissorhands,” “Ed Wood,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Corpse Bride,” and now “Sweeney Todd.” When Burton chatted with press to promote his most recent film, he admitted that Johnny Depp doesn’t seem to exhibit much vanity–a rare quality in an actor.

“I like actors who don’t look at themselves all the time, on the monitor after takes, and Johnny’s one of them.”

“I’m not sure he’s seen any of the movies we’ve made together.”

Burton also revealed that Depp’s wild and crazy hairdo in “Sweeney Todd” was all Johnny’s idea, indicating that the actor’s inspiration come straight out of the world of high-fashion.

“He modeled it after that Vogue editor.”

Anna Wintower?”

Only, I have a feeling that Johnny’s character of “Sweeney Todd,” the homicidal barber is probably a lot less terrifying than her.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Loob

    There is a hairdresser’s just down the street from me, called Sweeney Todd’s!
    True story. :)

  2. leilah

    The Anna Wintour-style hairdo on Johnny is in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” not Sweeney Todd. (From your own link…)

  3. Casey

    I’ve noticed you always say “having had” before a past tense verb. There’s no need for that “had.” It’s just “having collaborated.” Sorry to get all grammatical, I’m just saying… I still think you rule.

  4. ashcat

    Johnny Depp has admitted in various interviews that he doesn’t watch ANY of his movies, so it’s not just ones he makes with Burton.

  5. Bird

    I’m so effing excited for this movie you wouldn’t even BELIEVE.

    I was never lucky enough to see it on stage though, but I’m sure after the movie comes out everyone will have seen it on stage within the next year. And I will hopefully be on of them. I think that whole paragraph sucked gramatically. Any help, Casey? ;)

  6. s

    if you look at the pix of johnny depp, his hair is nothing like anna wintour’s straight bob hairstyle. he’s most likely referring to Anna Piaggi who is a high-profile, flamboyant fashion writer at Italian Vogue. Google her- you’ll see. Makes sense that he’s referring to a European edition of Vogue since he’s lived in France for years now.

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