Johnny Depp Spoils Amber Heard On Her Birthday With A Massive Bouquet & A Trip To The Bookstore

Did You Know...
Johnny & Amber might have company on their honeymoon?
On your birthday, what do you usually get? Maybe a store bought cake with tacky frosting and your name spelled incorrectly.

Well, if so, prepare to envy Amber Heard who was spoiled by her fiancé, Johnny Depp, in celebration of her 28th birthday.

This woman just might be the luckiest in the world right now.

First of all, we already know about how in love they are. I mean, when they go out they like to match. That in itself is pretty adorable.

In celebration of his fiancée, Depp had probably about five dozen roses delivered to her. I don’t think I’ve had even a dozen delivered to e before, so that’s beyond impressive.

When it comes to the cake, I have to agree with Celebitchy that he dropped the ball. It doesn’t appear to be gourmet, which you’d expect after he splurged on roses. Sometimes cake is the main attraction, so it needs to look as good as it’s supposed to taste.

Redeeming himself, Johnny took Heard to a bookstore to, of course, shop for books.

If I had to concoct my perfect date on my birthday or a normal day, it would include going to a bookstore. Kudos to you, man.

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