Johnny Depp Poses Dutifully With Amber Heard At The Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards

Amber Heard Is Sexy
Amber Heard gets slinky for Ferragamo fragrance launch.
You know my favorite part of this whole “Johnny Depp is marrying Amber Heard” thing?

That he keeps attending these events that he would never have attended prior to it. Remember when he went to the 3 Days to Kill premiere? Like, even if he was in that he never would have gone.

And last night we had another one. Johnny was on Amber arm’s at the Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards, where Amber was presented with the Rising Star Award

So, do you think she got the award because now she’s engaged to Johnny Depp? I mean, Amber is kind of a hot commodity right now, in no small part because of her relationship. Luckily she has the talent to back it up, so that’s a good thing.

Well, I assume that this just means we’re going to be seeing Johnny on a lot more random red carpets. Hopefully he doesn’t wear gross shoes to all of those. Although this outfit could have been worse. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the happy couple. Are you still into them? Sound off in the comments!