Johnny Depp Looks Pretty Much Unrecognizable On The Set Of ‘Black Mass’

Johnny And Amber
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on the red carpet.
Alright, I’ve given up even trying to believe that that’s Johnny Depp.

Could I buy him as a guy with scissors for hands? Sure. Could I buy him as a creepy vampire? Most definitely. But Johnny as a balding, bad teeth-ed mafioso? I have to see that movie before I’ll accept it.

Still, even through all the makeup Johnny was flashing his winning smile on the set of Black Mass today. Oh and look! Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons was there too. Although he looked a little beaten up. 

I’m actually kind of excited for Benedict Cumberbatch to be spotted on set. If that’s what they’ve done with Johnny and Jesse, imagine what they’re gonna do with Benny? I assume terrible wigs will be used. This movie better be amazing.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Johnny and Jesse on set. Honestly, I wish that I was still attracted to Johnny Depp outside of this costume. But even then, he doesn’t do it for me anymore.