Johnny Depp Hangs With Steven Tyler And Jim Carrey At Aerosmith Party [PHOTOS]

Depp & Cooper
Johnny Depp plays a gig with Alice Cooper!
John Does Johnny
John Mayer channels his inner Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp will be teaming up with Aerosmith on their new album Music From Another Dimension, but it looks like the rock combo are mixing business with pleasure as Depp was spotted at Steven Tyler’s party last night.

The 49-year-old Dark Shadows actor was enjoying his newly single status on the rock ‘n’ roll night out, and looked dashingly bohemian as ever in a black shirt and trousers with lots of necklaces and a trilby hat, teamed with a pair of worn down black cowboy ankle boots and a glowing tan. Oh, and a smidgeon of eyeliner.

Although he is no longer involved with the US talent show, Steven is still enjoying the increased celebrity status he gained. The rocker joked that he decided to purchase a property in the celebrity infested area of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles so he could continue to move in the A-list celebrity circles he has become accustomed to. 

“I need to rub noses with people who’ve experienced over-the-top things,” Steven joked to the Los Angeles Times naming Johnny Depp and Jim Carrey amongst “a bunch of other next-door neighbors I’ve got.”

The 64-year-old is due to release new material with Aerosmith in November this year.