Johnny Depp Hangs Out With His New Best Friend, An Eagle [PHOTOS]

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Johnny Depp is known for his interesting array of friends, but none of them are more interesting than his latest BFF, an eagle.

The Lone Ranger star was spotted in Los Angeles today (November 20) paying a visit to his kids’ school. But Johnny wasn’t alone at this little shindig. Nope. The actor was joined by two gentleman, both in some sort of Native American garb, and one of them was toting around an eagle.

Maybe they make better pets than dogs? Johnny seemed ridiculously amused. Too bad he wasn’t wearing his Long Ranger make-up. Then it all would have made sense. But friends, not everyone was pleased with Johnny’s eagle friend. 

Especially Johnny’s bodyguard. The eagle started to go a little nuts and scared the poor guy. Seriously, some of the most entertaining paparazzi photos I’ve ever seen. The bodyguard quickly recovers, but not before Johnny has a chance to laugh his ass off.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Johnny and his BFF. Also, Johnny Depp is the only person I know who can still get away with tying his sweater around his waist. Oh Johnny!