Johnny Depp Goes Cowboy Chic For ‘Dark Shadows’ Japan Premiere [PHOTOS]

Well, it’s more like some sort of hippie, cowboy chic. 

A-list actor Johnny Depp was spotted in Japan this weekend at the premiere of his latest film Dark Shadows. He decided to wear quite the bizarre outfit complete with shoulder-pads in his jacket and a feathered hat. Honestly though, even in a super bizarre outfit I still want him. 

No wonder he and Helena Bonham Carter make such a fabulous pair onscreen. They both dress so weirdly that they can’t help but have amazing chemistry on screen. At least that’s the answer I’m going with. 

Oh Johnny. You can really do whatever you want. As long as you keep playing weird roles that no one else will take, we’re happy to have you as a cowboy, a vampire…anything. 

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