Johnny Depp Continues Cowboy Chic Look In NYC, Consoles Crying Fan [PHOTOS]

Johnny And Amber
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on the red carpet.
Johnny Depp is pretty much the coolest and most gracious celebrity around.

The actor was quite the busy man yesterday as he hit up a Barnes & Nobles in New York City to help his friend, Damien Echols, promote his memoir. It was a case of Johnny being amazing and doing this for a friend. Why can’t we have a friend like Johnny who always looks snazzy in a hat?

Speaking of his hats, this whole cowboy chic look he’s got going fascinates me. I mean, he pulls it off well, much better than most celebs would be able to, but I sort of what to see Johnny with short hair wearing a suit. Although then he might not look like Johnny anymore. Now, what’s all this about a crying fan?

Pretty much, Johnny Depp is amazing, that’s what it is. On his way back to his hotel Johnny stopped to take a photo with a young fan. The two look adorable in their picture (see it in the gallery), but as soon as it was over, the girl was so starstruck–and who wouldn’t be–that she started crying.

Johnny, being the gentleman and father that he is, brought the little girl in for a big hug before being whisked away by his secruity team. I mean, honestly. He sees she’s starstruck and crying so he consoles her! What a guy.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Johnny and his fan. Any other celebs you think would care than much? How do you feel about Johnny’s cowboy look? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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