Johnny Depp Arrives With Amber Heard In Japan To Promote ‘The Lone Ranger’

While Johnny Depp’s movie career may not be doing so well, it sure does look like his romantic life is doing just fine.

Johnny Depp arrived in Japan today (July 16, 2013) ahead of the Japan premiere of The Lone Ranger.

Hundreds of fans waited for hours at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, and were greeted by Depp, girlfriend Amber Heard and his kids.

Johnny stopped briefly and shook the hands of many of his adoring fans, before being whisked away by his security team before the crowd could get worked up into too much of a frenzy and be over taken. 

His son Jack could also be seen following behind surrounded by his own security team.

The 50-year-old actor’s most recent box office disappointment is The Lone Ranger, which bombed big at the box office last weekend. So big, in fact, that The Hollywood Reporter estimates that it’s set to lose $150 million for Disney, the studio behind the critically maligned film.

Hopefully the Mad Hatter will bring Johnny box office gold once again. Depp has signed up to star in a sequel to the 2010 $1 billion fantasy blockbuster Alice in Wonderland.

Check out all the pics of Johnny Depp with his fans and Amber by launching the gallery.

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