Johnny Depp & Armie Hammer Bring ‘The Lone Ranger’ To CinemaCon

This film is either going to bomb or be huge!

Could something decent couldn’t be salvaged from the early headaches stemming from budget concerns and Johnny Depp’s controversial Tonto. After the last trailer release, though, I had to concede that The Lone Ranger looks like an illogical pile of train garbage, though I still think this movie is going to make a ton of money. Why? Look no further than the newest trailer just released at CinemaCon.

It’s fast, it’s action-heavy, there are comedic beats, and a decent sampling of Armie Hammer as the hero is, yeah, pretty cool. Depp might be a mess as Tonto (I don’t hate what he’s going for and opinion in Indian Country is divided between “ugh, no one should ever try this character, he’s horrible” and “it’s not so bad, come on guys, we’ve seen way worse”), but Hammer is pulling off the Ranger quite well.

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