Johnny Depp And Angelina Jolie Bonded Over Kids

Before working together on the new film The Tourist, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie had never met. So the two weirdest A-listers in Hollywood met to discuss working on the film and immediately bonded once Depp started talking about his kids.

“We sat there and babbled about our kids, and it was a huge relief,” said Depp. “I was pleasantly surprised that she has an incredibly perverse sense of humour. She’s a really cool broad.”

In the film, Jolie playing a seductive English woman on the run from Russian mobsters. She told Entertainment Weekly that she was nervous to meet Depp as well, but as soon as she went to his office, she knew they’d hit it off.

“He’s an artist, and you feel that in any space he’s in. When he walked in, he was as interesting as I’d hoped he be,” she added, admitting she was a big fan and watched Alice in Wonderland many times with her family.