Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Hold Hands While Attending The ‘Cabaret’ Broadway Opening Night

Family Bonding
Amber Heard spends time with Johnny Depp's daughter.
This appears to be the birthday celebration that never ends for the gorgeous Amber Heard.

After receiving an enormous bouquet of flowers from her fiancé, Johnny Depp, and a cupcake surprise from a young fan, she’s having the best week.

What more is there to do in New York City when you’re filming a movie? Attend the Broadway opening of Cabaret, of course.

Evidently they’re fans of some mild PDA, as we’re seen previously, and that continued as they walked into the theater holding hands. Another trend they’ve continued is matching to some degree.

The couple appeared to be channeling Bonnie & Clyde in their 1930’s-inspired outfits. I think it’s safe to say that Depp is a massive fan of fedoras.

Revived and fantastic as ever, Cabaret stars Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams who undoubtedly perform brilliantly on stage.

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