John Travolta’s Kiss

August 30th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Mmm. Someone’s going to have to take the Scientology homo-detox course again.

(Image source: National Enquirer)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. You know that porn ho that gave details of their affair right before he up and married Kelly Preston has been following him around for YEARS trying to catch him in the act!

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    That’s beautiful! All this time we thought it was Tom Cruise and his pilot. Too bad he feels the need to be in the closet, and married. There is no way that’s just a platonic friend. Wheeeeeeee!

  3. bthlgh

    this is an old picture… the date at the bottom says september 11… so it’s at least a year old!!

  4. Cheryl

    I am in the magazIne business, that date at the bottom is when the publication will hit the newsstand. It could be a previous year, or it could be this year with a release date in a couple of weeks. At any rate, it’s fun.

  5. Small Fry

    This is what happens to men who wear white polyester leisure suits and dance around in disco clubs.

  6. Cheesy

    It’s NOT an old magazine–magazine issue dates are usually in the future. Go look at the cover of any magazine on any news stand, and you’ll see that the issue hits the stand well before the date of the issue. October Vanity Fair is due out the first week of September; US and People have issue dates usually a full week after they hit the grocery shelves and mailboxes; they all do.

    Also, if you read the blurb (which is a little fuzzy but readable), you can clearly read that it references him being in Canada to shoot Hairspray, which was *not* in production until this year.

    What’s more interesting then the new picture (and it is new) is: With this carefully staged life, how does he make a mistake like this and get photographed?

  7. kelly

    All I can think about in this pic is how bad John Looks . . . . how about a kiss (gay or straight) with Brad? Viggo? someone hot?



    Pitcher-or-Catcher…you decide

  9. sleevesjt

    It’s really sad how he is so ashamed of his homosexuality and has chosen to live such a hidden and deceptive life. He has little integrity, as far as I’m concerned. He has filled his life with deceipt and shame over a fundamental characteristic of who he is.

    He’s no role model for struggling gays and lesbians that are trying to be proud of who they are. Heterosexuals can have him … and Jodie Foster too.

    And for anyone that thinks that this is somehow NOT our business, is sadly mistaken. On every talk show, he talks “openly” about his relationships and private life … and then chooses to dismiss the most important parts (and person) in his life. It’s absolute hypocrisy and speaks volumes about who he is as a person. And to top it off, embraces a religion that sees homosexuals as an “aberration”. Simply unbelievable.

    Take freaking ownership of who you are, run with it, and screw what OTHER people think. Yes, it IS that easy.

  10. John Travolta

    Listen you guys, I am NOT gay, I repeat, NOT gay.

    The guy in that picture is my cousin, we hadn’t seen each other for years, it was just a show of affection.

    I’m happily married, I have two beautiful kids, why would I deceive them, my friends, my fans?

    Please believe me, I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

  11. s

    the fact that he is gay is only mildly surprising. what is more surprising is the the media,especially the mainstream media hasn’t made a bigger deal about this.scientology conspiracy theories anyone??

    reportedly the scientology dudes got him hooked yo kelly preston to cover up his homosexuality.

    ;-)ur right.he probably will have to take the course again;-)

    here are some other instances where he denied being gay.

    Travolta waited until he was 37 to get married and become a father. Shortly after the Enquirer published claims by porn star Paul Barresi – who alleged he had a two-year affair with the actor – Travolta married actress and fellow Church of Scientology follower Kelly Preston. The couple has two children: Jett, 14, and Ella Bleu, 6.

    Barresi, who reportedly received $100,000 (U.S.) from the tabloid, later retracted his story after discussions with Travolta’s lawyer.

    “I was having a nervous breakdown,” Barresi told Jim D’Entremont of The Guide, a gay publication. “I just wanted it to be over. But when the dust settled, I regretted the retraction a lot more than I regretted that initial call to the Enquirer.”

    The allegations have not been limited to tabloids. In a 1991 cover story in Time entitled “Scientology: A Thriving Cult of Greed and Power,” the magazine reported that, according to former Scientology security head Richard Aznaran, Church leader David Miscavige repeatedly joked about Travolta’s alleged “promiscuous homosexual behavior.”

    In 1998, Travolta was named in a lawsuit from a gay man who claimed the Church of Scientology promised to “cure” him of his homosexuality and cited Travolta as a success story.

    Michael Pattinson alleged he “reasonably relied upon” Travolta’s marriage to Preston as proof that “Scientology processing and courses would ‘handle’ my own homosexuality.”

    Responding to the lawsuit, Travolta’s lawyer Jay Lavely told the New York Daily News: “Travolta is a happily married man, which proves he isn’t gay.”
    (YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!)

    Only five years ago, a business executive alleged in Globe that Travolta made a pass at him in the sauna of Spectrum Club, a fitness gym in Valencia, California. (Travolta made several visits to the club while filming Swordfish nearby, it was independent confirmed.) Mark claimed he rebuffed the actor’s alleged advances because he was chubby and “really hairy on his back, upper arms and chest.”


  12. Six

    Are you people kidding me with this bullcrap???

    Since when is the National Enquirer a reliable news source??? Does the media even try to print anything closely resembling the truth anymore? It’s all sensationalist crap made to sell newspapers and ruin careers.

    What I don’t understand is this: both John Travolta and Tom Cruise have been Scientologists for a really long time – why is everyone making such a big deal about it this late in the game???

    Does anybody even think for themselves anymore? Is there anyone in the media who can be trusted to deliver NEWS and not thinly-veiled agitprop to the people? PLEASE WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

  13. Anonymous

    For the record, John Travolta made several passes at gentlemen at Compass Health and Fitness in Ocala as well.

  14. princess

    i do not think john travota is GAY. he is my favorite actor, and i do not think he would kiss a guy if he were a strait guy.

  15. baby

    i real like him, and am 100% sure he is not gay that was part of his movies
    love john from tanzania

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