John Travolta Takes To The Stand In Extortion Trial

September 23rd, 2009 // 6 Comments

Actor John Travolta and wife, Kelly Preston, have arrived in the Bahamas to testify in the trial of locals who allegedly attempted to extort $25 million from the actor as a result of his son’s death in January.

Taking to the stand, Travolta grew emotional as he recounted events that took place on the day of Jett Travolta‘s passing. The movie star confirmed on the stand that his son was autistic and was afflicted with a seizure disorder.

The basis of the purported blackmail is a refusal-to-transport document allegedly signed by Travolta with trial expected to take three weeks long.

Gallery Info: John Travolta and Kelly Preston arrive at the extortion trial in Nassau, Bahamas.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Teresa

    My heart goes out to this family, having to re-live this tragedy all over again.

  2. laprns

    Now he admits that his son was autistic? Only after his death? Why not get help for him while he was alive? This family vehemently denied that he was autistic, even reported in one interview before Kelly miscarried 3 years ago that they would love having 2 children-implying that they had only one child at that time.

  3. Les

    Maybe, just maybe, they figured it was their business and not the general public. Their close circle of friends probably did know. How do YOU know they did not help him. Do you know them intimately?

  4. dave

    Sorry Les, while that maybe true they have been clear on telling others that these sorts of illness and syndromes don’t exsist. It would be fine for them to keep this stuff private if they didn’t tell others how to treat medical matters. They’ve always been irresponsible, now we can add hypocrits. And they didn’t do their child any favors not getting him the medication that he needed. It’s one thing to make choices about treatments as an adult quite another to withold treatment for a child.

  5. persiaa

    I hope this means John is on his way out of the crazytown cult. John-we don’t care if you like boys or are bi-we’ll still see your movies.
    It may well be that John and Kelly managed to circumvent the Scienos and did get some standard medical treatment for Jett-just not enough or early enough.

  6. Jen

    Such mean and ignorant comments here. Do you know this family? By all accounts, friends in mags and pics have told a story of a very loving family including Jett. It is their choice if they did not want to share with the world that their son was autistic. Their private life is personal. Leave them alone and let them grieve.

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