John Travolta Returns To Stand In Bahamian Extortion Case

Once again, John Travolta has delivered testimony concerning the extortion plot of which he claims he and wife Kelly Preston were targeted as a result of the death of their son, Jett Travolta.

While Travolta confessed that he never spoke directly with defendants Tarino Lightbourne and Pleasant Bridgewater, he told the court that he was informed by one of his employees, Ronald Zupanic. Travolta explains, “[Zupanic] said that there was a threat and a demand of money that Mr. McDermott, my attorney, had alerted him to with a release paper that I had signed in the Bahamas.”

Of the refusal-to-transport document in question, the actor explains, “I received a liability of release document. I signed it. I did not read it. Time was of the essence.”

The twosome threatened to go public with information “imply[ing] that the
death of my son was intentional and I was culpable in some way,”
Travolta testified.

Gallery Info: John Travolta and Kelly Preston at extortion hearing in the Bahamas.