John Travolta Is Wretched


John Travolta is blaming Columbine and the Virginia Tech shootings on anti-depressants. Please bear in mind this is a man who has an allegedly autistic son who doesn’t receive any treatment for it because he’s “degraded” in the eyes of John’s religion, Scientology. Also bear in mind that John flaunts his happy marriage all over the place but is constantly hitting on dudes in steam rooms in gym across America. And kissing men on runways. Plus? He’s fat. Asshole. I’m officially over “Pulp Fiction”.

John Travolta blames Virginia Tech, Columbine and all the other tragic school shootings not on the psychos who committed the heinous acts – but on psychiatric drugs. “I still think that if you analyze most of the school shootings, it is not gun control. It is [psychotropic] drugs at the bottom of it,” Travolta told W. But the “Hairspray” film star won’t be jumping on couches over the issue or attacking Matt Lauer as his fellow Scientologist, Tom Cruise, did last year: “I don’t disagree with anything Tom says. How would I have presented it? Maybe differently than how he did, but it doesn’t matter.”

I know several hundred people who have taken anti-depressants in their lives at one time or another who haven’t then marched on their high school with a shotgun. You’re a dick, John. Hopefully you and Cruise can do a Scientology closet-case tour with your robo-wives. Hopefully there’s a stop at a high school and some mentally ill student whose Scientology parents wouldn’t get him to a shrink for his anger issues because Xenu thinks psychology is the devil’s work shoots you. That’s harsh but it’s only Tuesday and I’m tired of crazy.