John Travolta Involved In Gay Spa Subculture?

Apparently, The National Enquirer is running a story that is completely outing John Travolta. Now, there had been years of rumors about his sexuality and they had previously rand a story where he was smooching the family’s nanny but this time they are saying he’s been involved in ‘lewd sex acts’ with other men as part of – and I quote – ‘secret gay spa subculture.’

Is is that secretive? Especially if you’re talking about it?

Travolta has also been outed by a former Scientologist who claims Travolta had a fling with porn star Paul Barresi, but they are saying that what is about to come out about him and his dalliances will shock everyone – including his wife.

I’m sure this will either get no response from the Travoltas or they will sue the pub.