John Travolta Involved In Gay Spa Subculture?

September 2nd, 2010 // 3 Comments

Apparently, The National Enquirer is running a story that is completely outing John Travolta. Now, there had been years of rumors about his sexuality and they had previously rand a story where he was smooching the family’s nanny but this time they are saying he’s been involved in ‘lewd sex acts’ with other men as part of – and I quote – ‘secret gay spa subculture.’

Is is that secretive? Especially if you’re talking about it?

Travolta has also been outed by a former Scientologist who claims Travolta had a fling with porn star Paul Barresi, but they are saying that what is about to come out about him and his dalliances will shock everyone – including his wife.

I’m sure this will either get no response from the Travoltas or they will sue the pub.

By Justin Thompson

  1. anon

    I read somewhere that Librace sued for ‘false’ allegations of him being gay…and won. Im sure JT will sue and his wife will be steadfastly by his side no matter what the truth. The celeb’s favorite defense is a good offense well crafted by thier highly paid laywers and PR team to cover thier tracks, and or white wash it.

  2. connie ford

    john and kelly are so much in lve that this is hard to believe, they have went through so much together and the both of them believe that family comes first. It just sick to think someone would want to hurt either one of them after what they went through and now with a baby on the way , know one needs to upset them let them enjoy this time without a stupid scandal. I think that also is between them and not the world.. Love you all and wish you the very best. connie

  3. autismadvocate5

    Okay, fine, John may have had gay sex. He is obviously not a perfect man, nor are any of us perfect people. He made mistakes. He has vices. God’s love is not beyond his reach. I believe that the Travolta’s are in God’s reach. They have been given another chance at love, life and joy. None of us have done things perfectly. We are all sinners. I just hope John, if it’s true about his gay affairs, asks God for forgiveness and moves on with the love and joy in his wife and children. I for one will not judge this man. I think he’s a fine man who has temptations like we all have and may have been caught up in “erotizing his pain.” God loves the Travoltas, as He does ALL people and want them to walk in truth, life and love. Blessings to this beautiful family and may GOd’s love and mercy and forgiveness give them new hope and life.

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