John Travolta Has A Little Thick Head

March 31st, 2006 // 17 Comments

I’m talking about the head on his shoulders people.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I dont know about everyone else, but I was thinking you were talkin about the head on his shoulders too …get your head out of the gutter Miu lol.

  2. my2cents

    LOVE John!

  3. Janice

    John Travolta gets in shape for roles, but he never stays that way because he enjoys his life. He and his wife, Kelly, live their lives to the fullest and he really loves to eat rich food.

  4. Will

    But John does have a nice thick cock as well.
    Not only does he enjoy his wife, he also enoys men.
    He has a good size thick cock.
    -A guy

  5. i know he’s a scientologist nut but there’s something about him – he never complains or explains, he just does his weird thing.

  6. anno

    WTF is up with his hair? Looks like Chia Travolta.

  7. Shannon

    He looks slightly Downs-Sydrome-ish.

  8. Audacte

    First, I think the pilot uniform is tired. He needs to get past this desire to play dress-up. Secondly, given the recent terrifying global warming scenarios, it would be nice if he (and The Donald) could get rid of the humongo planes. Talk about wasting fossil fuel and pollution!

  9. GHNow

    He owes the IRS millions in back taxes.

  10. Gossip Junkie

    Will, you whet my appetite. Why throw us a little tidbit like that? Give us what you’ve got.

    Rumors about John’s orientation? I’ve heard them for years. I couldn’t believe it at first, but he could easily pass for a bisexual or gay man. Do you think he’s sneaking out on Kelly? The thought of it makes me say, Ugh!

    More rumors- a friend of mine was told many years ago by a hooker in LA that Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve (rest his soul) were lovers at one time, living together in San Francisco. I believe that one.

    My friend was also told that the millionaire on Gilligan’s Island was gay/bisexual and that he “paid good money.”

  11. Gossip Junkie

    Oh, I forgot the last one…

    My friend was also told that Lionel Richie is bisexual.

    How’s that for thought provocation?

  12. las

    There is something about this man that creeps me out. Maybe it’s that flashy, blank grin that all the Scientologists seem to have…

  13. Yikes!

    What a far cry from Vinnie Barbarino!

  14. rob

    J.Travolta is a gay man who thinks he was ‘cured’ by scientology. He’s as whacked out as Tom Cruise but manages to keep his mouth shut so he doesn’t draw unnecessary attention to himself, unlike that hyper, little sissy-boy, Tom Cruise.

  15. Gossip Junkie

    Rob this is the thing–when you say Travolta is gay, don’t you mean bisexual? I mean isn’t it possible that Travolta really swings both ways and that he loves and is happy with Kelly?

    I do believe that there are actual bisexuals who are physically attracted to both sexes. I think a truly gay man wouldn’t have a happy intimate life with a woman. He’d probably be repulsed. Travolta does seem to be content with Kelly and not in a fake way.

    Still, it is awful if Travolta is leading a double life and sneaking out on his wife. That is just plain dangerous. Have you heard any rumors?

    I think it’s weird that Travolta, who is from a big Catholic family, ended up as a Scientologist. A lot of times, people leave traditional religion because they don’t feel accepted, or as might be the case with John, they are trying to find help with a problem that their church won’t deal with. What do you think?

  16. Tasannie

    I think John was a little too close to those airplane propellers. Sliced the top of his head clean off!

  17. Cassie~Marie

    I don’t care about all this negativity, that half of you are saying about John. He has been my favorite actor since I was 4 years old, and he always will be. even id he is gay. Which I HIGHY doubt.. Haven’t you people ever heard of the little saying “don’t believe everything you read” That’s just like saying “vin diesel” is gay, and black. hahaha yeah right.. grow up people..
    John rules!

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