John Travolta Got Footloose with James Bond

July 20th, 2007 // 9 Comments

John Travolta’s performance in “Saturday Night Fever” back in 1977 won him many admirers and one of them happened to be none other than the actor formerly known as Agent 007. Sean Connery asked Travolta if he’d oblige him with a spin on the dance floor at an upscale soiree back in the 80s. According to John:

“I was asked to dance by Sean Connery. We were at a party for Frank Sinatra and we were on our way out, my wife and I were leaving. “And he (Connery) said, ‘John, where you going?’ And I said, ‘I’ve got to go home, I’m filming tomorrow.’ And he said, ‘Before you dance with me?’ And I said, ‘Alright.’ “Who’s going to turn down Bond? So we ended up dancing together. The whole party stopped… “I just couldn’t believe I was dancing with 007. It was a good feeling, dancing with a big icon like that was awesome.”

Now that is quite the little anecdote. However, I would have been much more interested to see my favorite Bond girl from the past asking Travolta to boogie with her. That’s right, none other than the incomparable Grace Jones. Pull up to the bumper, baby, in your long black limousine. I have a feeling she would have taken a bite out of his thigh after they were done, so she would have had a memento of the occasion just because that’s how she rolls.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    It was probably Travolta’s teenage wet dream come true to dance with Bond, James Bond. Shake and not stirred Johnnie!

    And his ginger hair line doesn’t work.

  2. angie

    Go to the bigger pics & you can see the glue running from his toupee & can see the front lace wig.

  3. Zekers

    Is that what that is??? I wondered…I have no experience with recognizing rug glue. May I also say that as bad as he looks with that ‘rug’ I can’t imagine what he looks like without it…shiver…

  4. Ldysunfyre

    “I just couldn’t believe I was dancing with 007. It was a good feeling, dancing with a big hard-on like that was awesome.”

  5. Grace Jones didn’t sing that song “Pull Up To My Bumper Bab’ but it was LADY PATRA instead.

  6. LoRider

    I guess this was well before he went into denial on his autistic kid. Lord Xenu was angered, however, that 007 would dance with Johnnie T but not sign up for church.

    Dammit! Travolta used to be my favorite actor and now all I can think of is him kissing that guy on the gangway to his jet and the whole scientology thing and the fact that he’s denying his autistic kid the proper treatment. What a sorry phuck.

  7. Zekers

    Ditto that LoRider. What a “phucking” waste!

  8. Ditto Lo & Zekers!

    Although i’ve never been a fan of John, the fact that he has abandonded his disabled son is vile. (the closet queen alien thing doesn’t help either!)

    It makes me sick to see those losers pawing for his autograph! Disgusting.

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