John Travolta Flies Solo To Tahiti

April 22nd, 2009 // 7 Comments

Still grieving for his late son Jett Travolta, John Travolta spent the weekend holed up at a Tahiti resort. The star of Bolt arrived on Saturday and checked in at the posh Intercontinental Tahiti resort, telling the hotel manager, “I don’t want to see anyone. I only want to rest.”

Although hotel manage management wouldn’t confirm Travolta’s stay, the actor did pose for a picture with three tourist bureau greeters before leaving in his private 707.

An insider close to John told People magazine, “He is still in mourning about his son. This is not easy and everyone has their own process. He’s always there for his family but he is still healing.” This trip took place just days after what would have been Jett’s 16th birthday.

Gallery Info: John Travolta
on the red carpet for the Bolt premiere.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. anon

    alone? come on…you know he went down there to meet his boyfriend on the dl…

  2. tiger

    anon, that was just plain mean,
    his son did die, have some fucking compassion

    I hope he seeks solace and finds the real God so he can really be comforted because you know there is NO WAY scientology can comfort him with this – and he’s probably battling that realization – hopefully

  3. Kim Zafke

    You know you two idiots are terrible anon what a cold heartless statement not to mention ignorant.

    Tiger all have the right to belive in whatever higher power they want. Have you ever thought that the bottom line to any belief is that is has to do with a power greater than you; it is the only common ground you have no right just as noone else has a right to tell you what you believe is NOT true, you are not the higher power to dictate to all the belief system to all and dictate to all what to believe.

    Leave the family space and time to heal that was the most horiffic thing that could possibly happen to a parent to have a child die prior to you, the only thing worse is ignorant people like ANON or TIGER opening their mouths as he has proven above to all.

  4. anon

    waaaa, waaaa, waaaa…

    get over it. because his son died I’m not allowed to comment that he’s in the closet?

    maybe if he actually sought medical treatment for his son instead of lying to himself (and the rest of the world) about his condition, he wouldn’t have died.

  5. Janet

    Anon, you only made that remark because your looking for somebody to fight with. No other reason. Which makes you a bigger idiot because you came back a second time. John Travolta has never ever, been anything but respectful to the public. Even at the height of his fame (hopefully to be continued) he never changed or stopped being a good person. That”s a ”REAL” man. He deserves peace.

  6. Ginger

    I’m just so sad for John. Losing a family member especially a son no matter how, what, why or when, time will never heal his pain.
    There will always be a mark at any given moment, you just want to break down and cry.

    Right now, he wants time alone… to be with his son.

    My heart and prayer goes out to all parents who’s loss a child. And this one goes out to my sister’s son, Damian… We miss you like it was just yesterday even though it’s been three years.

    The pain of losing you is still embedded in us…

    Be thankful and hope that you all may never go through what John and my family are going through.

  7. Ujohxxit

    NoVcJQ comment4 ,

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