Jonathan Rhys Meyeres, And Oh Yeah, The ‘From Paris With Love’ Premiere

I don’t watch the Tudors, which I really should considering the nudity, so I’m just happy to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers in something.  I was obsessed after Match Point, but he seems to try his best at hiding the hotness at every red carpet event, be it hell-sucking eyes or his emulation of a Madam Tussauds wax figure. This time he took the Clark Kent route and disguised Super Hotness Man behind some glasses.  Damn you J.R. You’re really going to make me see the movie for a glimpse of the goodness. 

When it came to stunts for the film, Meyers told ET that he took the advice of Mission Impossible III costar Tom Cruise, whose still does many of his own stunts at 47.  “Try to do your own stunts, but do what’s safe.”

Oh, John Travolta is in the movie too or whatever.  He looks pretty badass with the bald head and goatee modeled after looks in Soldiers of Fortune magazine, and his wife Kelly Preston was into it. “He could do it any time he likes as far as I’m concerned,” She said. He also talked to ET about the plane he brought to Haiti

Many other stars, including Hugh
and Kathleen
, came to the red carpet premiere yesterday and were likely disappointed with the fact that Meyers was wearing clothes at The Ziegfeld Theater in New York.