John Stamos Gets Wasted

July 25th, 2005 // 14 Comments

John Stamos is looking slightly out of it as he leaves Club Mood. Not looking to alert there.

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. None too alert a wee bit sweaty as well. Looks like it was one hell of a night (his companion looks equally hammered). Maybe he’s still drowning his post-Rebecca Romjin sorrows, god knows I’d be in the bottom of a bottle as well.

  2. anni

    How is that someone can look so sad & drunk & adorable all at the same time? I have a soft spot for John ever since I first saw him on GH playing Blackie.

  3. cakeboy

    its kinda scary
    but he looks better stoned


  4. busybody

    He looks all greasy, sweaty and dirty.

  5. dwightalan

    busybody said: “He looks all greasy, sweaty and dirty.” ….

    And all that makes him kinda hotter than he usually is!

  6. Lianne

    what happen to him he looks drunk ?????

  7. bobby

    he looks better in full house!!

  8. Sheyenne

    I have to say, he does look mighty stoned but hey, he just went through divorce and that’s hard on everyone. He looks pretty sad too, and greasy, stoned and sweaty. Maybe a cup of coffee and a good shower would cheer him up. Then what the heck. It’s John Stamos, he’ll be my 2nd favourite actor even if he looks like that when stoned.

  9. Britney

    no matter what if he wasted, high or anything he still is sexy.

  10. Hutcha Momma

    Johny S. just feeling a little down for not having his kootchie burger licked enough these days. Gurrlllsss. Back up. Hutcha Momma… to the front of the line to the rescue. Don’t worry JS Momma will have you another series in no time. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. You won’t even Ms. Beckas name or kids for that matter!!!!

  11. Missy

    He’s still hot a hell!

  12. sasha

    o my gosh!!!!!!!!john stamos use to be so cute!!!!!!!its sad i dont like when he has short hair.ewww or when hes wasted

  13. Andrea

    John Honey:

    It is your Girlfriend from the Special Olympics Prom. I understand that you are under the weather. I know that you have up and down’s with things on your mind. If you like you come and see me at my apartment. I will give you my address so you could stay with me as can. If you need a shoulder to cry on I am there for you and if you need to see me you can come any time.
    11740 Wilshire Blvd Apt A 703 Los Angeles, CA 90025 is my address. Please come by.

  14. aj

    who is he?

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