John Stamos

April 19th, 2006 // 3 Comments

With John Stamos joining the ER cast in the fall, we’ll be treated to more of these photo ops than we have had in the recent past. I’m betting he’s going to give the fading show a little bump in the ratings. The show was in need of a new hottie.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. d.c.

    I have followed his career and loves, frankly he’s just a light weight airhead.. He can’t really act.. it’s mimic.. no hard talent, emotions to understand within come out.. he just poses, puppy-dog eyes with whomever is leading him for big bucks profits.. These handlers give him specific orders, boundry’s to follow because he’s too lame to audition, work and fight for a mature goal in his career. It seems he lets everyone guide him through life, and smiles sadly, sighs if things go wrong, hoping his beauty and niceness will allow him to escape blame.

  2. Tony

    I agree that he doesn’t have much more than good looks to offer, however, it wouldn’t stop me from giving him a few bumps in the rear.

  3. stutteringveronica

    Ah, Stamos. His image is so squeaky, so safe for my 80′s crush. Too bad it all crumbled when my husband told me how Blackie was so amorous with the young male clerk at the music chain store he managed in LA back in the 90′s. Sigh…

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