John Paulus Underestimated the Claymates

If John Paulus, the ex-Marine who claims he hooked up with “American Idol’s” Clay Aiken for some wild hotel sex, knew what he was getting himself into when he made his Clay claims, he might have been so hasty in “exposing” Clay.

John Paulus may need to rely on his own muscle to protect himself from crazed Aiken fans: The feds have turned down his appeals for help. Since revealing his sordid hotel-room one-night stand with the pop singer in The National Enquirer, Paulus has been bombarded with death threats from crazed Aiken fans, a loosely organized army of middle-aged women called “The Claymates.” Paulus appealed to his local FBI office, but his plea was rejected. “It was turned down by the U.S. attorney, and the FBI determined there are no federal statutes that have been violated,” an FBI spokesman tells us. “It is a little strange.”

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