John Mayer’s On Top Of Ryan Seacrest.

July 20th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Gay, gay and then gay. John Mayer spoke to GQ about that that funny joke he played on Seacrest where he answered one of his questions in Japanese or something. He refers to Seacrest as his own “Richard Simmons”. Dense people would take this to mean Ryan Seacrest is his dumb foil much like Richard Simmons is to David Letterman. But no. What he means is he wants Seacrest to wear some P-town Pete shorts and flail around for him. These two should drop the subtext and get a room.

“Ryan Seacrest is like my own little Richard Simmons,” Mayer told “I like bits. I practiced that line for three days. When Ryan says, ‘You know I have to ask you’ – which is one of the dumbest prefaces of all time – I think, ‘Maybe I’ll just answer you in Japanese. And then you’ll have to figure it out. So now I’m the guy on top.’ ”

He’s telling you that he’s the top in the relationship. I knew Seacrest was a total helium heels. Thank christ I didn’t have to run into these two marys on Rosie’s gay cruise. The two gay teams from Amazing Race was travesty enough.


More photos of John Mayer in concert are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. rootabega

    J when are you going to write your expose for Rosie’s cruise?? I am waiting with bated breath for the deets!

  2. Jen

    My my Mr Mayer, such a big head for such mediocre talent.

  3. D-

    John Mayer, giving new meaning to the word pretentious.

    Let’s break down the JessiMyer drama…

    “Quasi Intellectual former quicky mart clerk, with true talent, but an overblown sense of self worth, seeks childish narcissistic blond reality queen for short term
    publicity drama. Please note this is a limited engagement (don’t take that word literally) Once record sales have reached XX times $19.95 and your usefullness and/or Q Factor have dissipated, or I can’t tolerate another malapropism, an attractive exit package, including increased “street cred” will be provided.

    Thanks for Rome, it worked wonders for my image. Sorry you thought it was the real deal doll!

    The next album will be called “Depavity”


  4. Logan

    John Mayer is actually the teenage son of Frankenstein. Edward Scissorhands is John Mayer’s second cousin.

  5. Stella

    Yeah! I don’t think he was mr. Frankenstien’s son in the gap ad Bitch!

  6. gilly

    This is just shoddy “journalism” from an idiot who obviously has homophobic issues. This article is based on WHAT?

    I wish all you gossip mongers who write articles based on speculation and bullshit would stop polluting the world with this type of ignorance. Gossip writers are a bunch of idiots who have zero talent to succeed in their own right so they spend their lives making up stories about other people… and whats worse… the idiots that buy into it. Why anyone would want to read a bunch of lies everyday is beyond me.

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