John Mayer’s DVD-Sized Ego

It’s been a few years since John Mayer and Jessica Simpson broke up, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t entertaining stories about them.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that while John and Jessica were dating, he had to miss her birthday because he was on tour. Her friends thought that John had forgotten her birthday when a gift from him arrived. He sent her a DVD of him in concert, which Jessica proceeded to watch for the rest of the night so she could be with him.

Oh John Mayer. You’re so talented, but you’re such a narcissistic douchebag. And I do mean that in the best was possible. Oh wait, you’re not a douche? Umm, OK. We’ll all think about that for a while.

I wonder if Jessica has pulled out the John Mayer DVD after her recent break-up? Her way of grieving: watching concert specials of old flames. Sound plausible? I hope she watches the 98° Disney concert special.

Gallery Info: John Mayer
leaving The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood after putting on a concert.