John Mayer Works 9 To 5, Sniffing Mankinis At Sea

On his Mayercraft carrier cruise with his fans, John Mayer left his Borat-inspired G-string at home. Luckily, however, one of his admirers in the crowd didn’t and tossed a neon green mankini on stage. Always one to oblige his loving audience, Mayer sniffed the item of clothing, much to the chagrin of this blogger.

Just because he’s vacationing on the high seas doesn’t mean that Mr. Mayer is taking things easy. He’s working on recording a new album, this time at his home in Hollywood. According to the Twitter enthusiast, “I gave myself a nine to five. I’m making myself wake up and be a writer. It’s great.”

That’s…admirable? Is that how I’m expected to react?

Gallery Info: John Mayer sniffs a fan’s man-kini on board his Mayercraft cruise ship.