John Mayer Prowls for Women at Coachella

April 18th, 2010 // 1 Comment

If John Mayer were smart, instead of bashing celebrity perfumes, he’d figure out how to bottle his mojo and sell it for an obscene amount of money to teen dweebs who pretend they’re superheroes to impress girls.

Just saying, it might be easier seducing the world verse saving it.

Although the man publicly bashed past conquests Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston, Mayer had no problem talking up the ladies at Coachella. For some reason, calling Simpson “sexual napalm” has earned him honesty awards over a-hole titles.

The ladies still melted and basked in his attention. He was pictured flirting with them at the festival… outside the festival… at the bars around the festival… hot damn. I bet he flirts in his sleep just for practice. Honestly, Coachella does seem like the ideal place for Mayer’s laid back flirting and
crooning style. 

It must be because his songs are like lyrical porn.

By Samantha Eng

  1. Katie

    I figured JM to only go for the young, beautiful and way skinny type of female…

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