Lie Detector Reveals Perez Hilton Made Out With John Mayer

So, here’s video of the lie detector test that Perez Hilton took in an attempt to validate his claim that John Mayer “kissed [him] for five minutes” at Stereo New Year’s Eve of 2007 in New York. At the time, Jessica Simpson was dating Mayer and Perez alleges she witnessed the entire incident.

The test was administered by Nick Savastana, the polygraph examiner for The Moment of Truth, in the blogger’s walk-in closet of his apartment and revealed that Hilton was telling the truth when he claimed that he and John kissed that night, using tongue and that the singer initiated the kiss. Additionally, Perez said that Jessica was rubbing John’s crotch during their make-out session. Sweet. This image will be the one I use next time I need to go purge a meal.

Oh my God, this interviewer is hilarious. During his little intro that he gives on Hilton’s balcony, he can barely contain his glee that he’s going to be able to determine via a lie detector test whether or not John Mayer truly is a good kisser. Tee hee! He’s in a gay frenzy!

John, for his part, is claiming that Perez is simply looking to be a celebrity. In a recent XM radio interiew, Mayer talked about bloggers like Perez, saying, “…these people don’t really hate celebrities, they just want to be actually in there.” And if “in there” means in John’s mouth, he’s right. The lie detector test said so.