John Mayer Likes Horsies

This is just kind of random. It’s no letter of truth (of which I’m always a big fan), but it is a picture of two horses appearing to be locked in some sort of passionate embrace and it’s a recent post on John Mayer’s blog. In the blog post just prior to the horse pic, John writes:

And don’t worry, tomorrow I’m going to loosen up this blog’s tie and post a wonderful picture of this painting I saw. It’s of these two horses on their hind legs, embracing in the night. It’s really quite special.

I like imagining John ordering this picture be printed up in poster size and framed, so he can hang it on his wall in his bedroom right next to his second favorite picture, a life-sized print of a Lisa Frank poster of two dolphins leaping up in the air to enjoy a mid-air kiss, engulfed in stars, rainbows and various shades of purple as their bodies form a giant heart. Oh John, you’re so sensitive.

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