John Mayer is Back to Business as Usual

June 21st, 2007 // 10 Comments

After a minor speed bump in his social activities (otherwise known as his “relationship” with the boobies of Jessica Simpson), John Mayer’s back in the game of telling women en masse about how much he’d like to explore their Wonderlands. And the most recent object of his desire is Penelope Cruz, from whom John was witnessed programming her phone number into his cellie. According to the New York Daily News:

Pen and her new bff, Shakira, attended an after-party at Hollywood hot spot Parc following John’s June 10 concert, according to our witness.
But Shaki was nowhere to be found when John was spotted entering Penelope’s digits into his phone.

Ugh. John Mayer, I was over you before you even started being John Mayer. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would adjust the mirrors in the bedroom so he can watch himself while he sings some vapid love song to his next flavor of the minute, saying, “God you’re just so beautiful,” as she undresses–allowing her to believe that he’s referring to her.


More photos of John Mayer and Penelope Cruz are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Fifi

    Well said Lisa!! Well said, and tell me doesn’t he also strike you as the biggest POSER of all time. When he first came out he was a little more soft rock now he’s trying to be this psuedo deep guy, who listens to jazz, while wearing his graphic tees with Rastafarian paraphernalia. Oh how he piss me off!

  2. Well, when he started dating Chestica, I lost a lot of respect for him. But hey, a guy’s got to get laid, doesn’t he?

  3. jen

    I remember a blind item from awhile ago about a singer who took his dates to bed while his songs were played constantly in the back ground – I always leaned toward Justin Timberlake but this guy fits to a tee as well.

  4. Jade

    Not to mention, the guy is totally fugly. YUK!

  5. Jessica

    I went to high school with him and he is such a dork. I can’t stand him!! I agree Lisa.

  6. RobinHood

    From what we hear he is more like “Little John” than “King John”.

  7. jen73

    You all are so lame! Johns been playing since he was 13, he has the right to play different styles of music, especially when he’s as talented as he is. He isn’t concieted, & what’s ur definition of a “dork” anyway? What were you gifted at as a teenager?There isn’t alot of time to be “popular” when ur commited to something besides what click to be in.

  8. Helle

    I totally agree with Jen73

  9. Eric

    for fifi and jessica:

    i agree with jenn and helle first off i hate all the people that think there better than evryone else(fifi and jessica,jessica impiticular)and look down on people. there are people like that at my school and i cant stand them. like he was a dork, so what, look at him now. he is more sucessful than both of you will ever be, he is very very talented muician, also being a dork (and i would like a defanition of what you feel a dork is) beats being one of thoes kids who has to be a fag to hang out with cool people (and i use the term cool lightly). and i agree he is insainely talented and hes not trying to be a poser that is deep and smart he just is. listen to an interview with him, his vocabulary and sentence structure ex. how he can phrase words sentences, it is awesome,not to mention great sense of humor.the guy is hilarious(john mayer has a tv show youtue it). hes deep becuase its the people like you that thought/think he is a dork. he is the baddest M.F. around! and finally i strongly agree with everything jenn and helle said!

    ….also as a side note his acoustic soft rock was just so he could make some money and put his name on the map. so he culd get a good band behind him and play the stuff he always wanted to. blues!!. (he was first inspired by SRV thats stevie ray vughn if you didn’t know, jimi hendrix, clapton and the “kings” {bb, freddie, albert})also tell me how he can be a poser when he is accepted by the clapton and bb some of the remaining greats.

  10. me

    Mayer’s a poser. Get over it.

    So selfish, I bet he eats his own waste so no one gets a piece of his “awesome talent”.

    The closest he’ll ever be to Clapton or Dylan is well…being almost compared to what comes out of their asses on toilets.

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