John Mayer is Back to Business as Usual

After a minor speed bump in his social activities (otherwise known as his “relationship” with the boobies of Jessica Simpson), John Mayer’s back in the game of telling women en masse about how much he’d like to explore their Wonderlands. And the most recent object of his desire is Penelope Cruz, from whom John was witnessed programming her phone number into his cellie. According to the New York Daily News:

Pen and her new bff, Shakira, attended an after-party at Hollywood hot spot Parc following John’s June 10 concert, according to our witness.
But Shaki was nowhere to be found when John was spotted entering Penelope’s digits into his phone.

Ugh. John Mayer, I was over you before you even started being John Mayer. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would adjust the mirrors in the bedroom so he can watch himself while he sings some vapid love song to his next flavor of the minute, saying, “God you’re just so beautiful,” as she undresses–allowing her to believe that he’s referring to her.


More photos of John Mayer and Penelope Cruz are after the jump.