John Mayer Has Turned On His Beloved Twitter

March 27th, 2009 // 5 Comments

John Mayer is such a fickle lover. One minute he’s dumping all the others and wants to make sweet love once an hour, every hour (we hear), and the next he’s calling you “silly and dumb.”

Poor Twitter. Twitter and Jennifer Aniston should cry together over a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

John told E!’s Marc Malkin last night at the One Splendid Evening Benefit for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation that he thinks the social networking site is “silly and dumb.”

“If you really think that Twitter is the pathway to spiritual
enlightenment, well…It’s one step away from sending pictures of your
poop,” he said.

Hold up. Who said anything about “spiritual enlightenment?” And as far as the poop is concerned — please don’t give Ashton Kutcher any ideas. Thanks.

“I’ve always communicated at a high level as best I can whether it’s
Twitter, Napster or message boards or wherever,” Mayer said. “I don’t
have a devotion to Twitter. I didn’t sell out to Twitter. You do
Twitter until everybody gets off of Twitter and it’s something else you
go and try out.”

Hear that Twitter? He never loved you. You’re no better than the ones he’s had and will have. You are all disposable to John. He’s a social network-izer.

Gallery Info: John Mayer, Jordin Sparks and Erin McCarley at One Splendid Evening, Sponsored By Carnival Cruise Lines And Benefiting VH1 Save The Music

By Melissa Noble

  1. hoosiermom

    Biggest. Douche. Ever.

  2. anon

    The truth is that Mayer and Aniston were never a couple. It was all acted. That is why he was tipping off the pap agencies, and leaving his car at her house overnight, while he got rides out hidden in the back of cars/limos, on the floor of the back seat under a blanket.HE WAS SEEN TRYING TO SNEAK OUT !!! VAUGHN DID THE SAME TRICK. It is a PR war against Pitt and Jolie. Organised by CAA who manages Aniston, Sculfor, Diaz, Mayer, and formerly Vaughn etc….He has been meeting women on Twitter, sleeping with them as long as they are discreet. Their “relationship” was a SHAM from the beginning.The TWITTER excuse is a joke; they have no reason to “break up” ans now they know audiences know they were faking it, they dont care to explain.They did ANYTHING to gain publicity over Pitt to win the Christmas war…..even pose nearly nude, talk about pregnancy, create marriage rumours for publicity, ….etc… Her personal life is HIDDEN. He agreed to a contract to run concurrent with her production, Marley and Me. That is why their (acted) relationship started at the beginning of M&M and ended as soon as the film delivered it was a publicity stunt, funded by the production. What people posting don’t understand is that she doesn’t want a judge a jury of her personal life, and the investors don’t want her persona life effecting the film’s return. So that is the truth, and what is more bizarre is that Vince did the same thing with TBU. They had a fictional relationship too, that seemed to people reading magazines, as though it was real. It wasn’t.

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