John Mayer Gets The Kiss Off

May 17th, 2009 // 5 Comments

After what looks like a night of hard partying at the My House club in West Hollywood, John Mayer emerged looking as if he’d been the on the business end of some serious displays of affection. Earlier in the evening, Mayer had hit up Katsuya.

The singer, who’s love life has been less-than-stellar since his breakup from Jennifer Aniston, emerged covered in lipstick kisses covering his face and white t-shirt.

Feeling friendly, Mayer even danced for photographers before making his way to his car and heading home. I have a feeling we’ll hear who gave him all those smooches soon enough. John likes girls who kiss and tell.

Gallery Info: John Mayer leaves the My House club in West Hollywood covered in kisses.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Anna-Grazia

    I love JM.

  2. tasha

    When news gets slow for this jerk, he has to go out and seek some attention. Too bad anyone pays him any.

  3. ragmaglover

    gross! he’s so weird

  4. hoosiermom

    Douchy McDouchester.

  5. sassy

    Slang for douche: arrogant and mean spirited. Arrogant – He’s got that in the douche bag for sure; and I think it’s mean spirited to think he only can date chicks other guys only dream about. Yep, JM, you are a douche. Entertaining only for how stupidly you behave.

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