John Mayer Denies Being A Douch, Defends Love Life

Using (and arguably abusing) his Twitter account to explain to fans the difference between “douches,” “showbiz types” and “famewhores,” John Mayer posted a series of Tweets to that effect.

“‘Showbiz types’ are people who grew up talking to themselves alone in a room for hours until they found some sort of outlet,” Mayer explains. The singer added, “I’m a Showbiz Type. (cue penny whistle and marching drums) But I am not a douche!!” And, I’m guessing, also a gay fish.

Additionally, John felt the need to defend his dating choices, “I love how some dudes hate me for dating their fantasy girl, as if they were going to if I hadn’t.” Ladies, don’t you just feel your panties jumping right off your ass at this smooth sweet-talking? He’s definitely a charmer, that one.

Gallery Info: John Mayer arrives to watch the Los Angeles Lakers game at the Staples Centre.