John Mayer Calls for Haikus

May 5th, 2008 // 7 Comments

John Mayer just can’t get enough of his new haircut. Perhaps it is just a ploy to distract reporters from inquiring about his new lady Jennifer Aniston, but I’m beginning to think that it has blossomed into something more for John.

When met with reporters from People Magazine, John made the reporter run her hands through his hair, over and over and OVER again.

He told her, “It’s important because it draws people together. Feel it. Run your fingers through my hair, and tell me what it feels like.”

Then he demanded that she write a haiku about what his hair felt like. When the woman couldn’t do it on the spot he said, “That’s the thing. No one can do it.”

So here is mine, although I haven’t felt the glory myself:

John can’t claim the ‘do
Emilio Estevez
Has Always Owned It

It’s true. Did you ever see Emilio without the feathered haircut? No.

In other words, sexy never left.

By Intern Traci
  1. flatbellydance

    Good call on the E.E. haircut – I was thinking it, too, but couldn’t peg who the actual person was. This “haircut” is no new thing. Judd Nelson wore it, too, but you’re right – Emilio rocked it best.

    I keep thinking back to when Mayer first made it big, and talked about his musical influences and I thought he was the real deal. I was so stoked about his up and coming – ya think those blues and jazz greats are hiding in a closet somewhere, hoping no one ever asks Mayer that question again?

    I hope they take a hit out on him. He’s such a frickin’ dweeb.

  2. Meredith

    That is a glorious haiku. Nicely done.

    Steve Butabi: I was like, “Emiiiiiiilio!”

  3. Amy

    I love the ref:)
    Prince < < Justin Timberlake>>
    Well done ..well done Intern Traci!!

  4. lateebella

    Play with your own hair
    If I were the one you asked
    You’d be bald, you bitch.

  5. Ted

    Here’s a couple more Haikus for Mr. Mayer:

    Like a drive-in flick.
    Or drinking Tab in Summer.
    Blow that hair back, boy.


    Feather and flip it
    Like an extra on CHiPs just
    waiting for his chance.

  6. dback

    Love John’s curly locks
    No waves parted that well since
    Charlton Heston’s day.

  7. kabin basnet

    good news.. john

    keep it up;

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